Conținuturi cu substrat

I look myself in the mirror and I see something changed on my face, my skin, my everything.
I have a strange feeling when I see myself, something is definitely different. I might say that everything is because of you, even though I will never admit that you you, I think you might get scared.
There are moments when I cannot believe that I am finally smiling a big part of the day and actually mean it, and it's the kind of moment I want to keep for the longest I can get.
When you first looked at me I felt that something is going to change, I did not know if it's going to be good or not, but it was a moment that I was expecting for quite some time. I must sound so childish right now, but is late at night, I look at the moon and I find it so amazing, and you know I'm not into romance, but I am starting to love these kind of moment when no matter what I do I imagine you smiling and encouraging me that life is not so bad if you enjoy the nice moments once in a while. When you look at me ( and not just physically) I really feel that you want to understand me and make me feel better, stronger and happier.
Sometimes I hate that I cannot know or figure out what the future wants to give me, but I know that no matter how this is going to end, you'll be there as a friend that I will always cherish and have no matter what. And I have to tell you, I feel confident and for once in my life I am seeing myself beautiful, but in your eyes, and that matters more than anything.
I know that I am not that beautiful or near to be perfect, but when I look in your eyes I see myself happy, and happiness, my dear, is something that i craved for since I first opened my eyes. I know you probably don't see it in my eyes, but when you kiss me and smile and when you make me laugh, I want to keep you so close to my heart just to feel shivers. It is a feeling not worth describing with simple words, but with something that matters. Most likely you will never know and I don't even know if you care, but the happiness that I have now because of you will remain in my heart.
Most likely you'll laugh and find this like a teenage crush, but it doesn't even matter that much right now in my head, 'cause I can see myself going for my dreams and my hopes, for once I am finding myself capable of doing something with me- 'something' that makes me go beyond my powers, in a good way, of course, and you already know confidence is what I lack most of times.
And I am feeling confident around you, it's the kind of feeling that makes me just want to kiss you in front of everyone, and not to brag or anything like that, but to show everyone that I know to be happy too. 
The way you touch my skin, hold my hands, and even the way you speak sometimes takes me to a place in my heart that I have locked and lost- or thought I lost- I thought I'll never try to love again, or to allow my heart to open up like I did in the past so easily. Even when I'm telling you I had a bad day it doesn't feel so bad anymore when you're saying " You know everything is going to be just fine as long as we have each other".
I want all in and I want you.

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