First thought of waking up..

You never thought at this..
You never thought will come a day
When you'll wake up alone
Alone in the dark and with a scar in your heart.

You never thought you'll never smile again
That you will be lost in just one second
Not even your song calms you down
You're lost and you can't be found anymore

You've lost everything in a second
Every smile is in vain
You don't even have tear to cry..
You only know it's your fault..

You can't even apologise
It's the first night you sleep alone
It's the first night when nobody tells you good night
And the first night you don't hear.."I love you"..

But you wake up the second day..
And you realize...DAMN!!
It was just a dream..who would of thought at this..
And you are happy again..

First thought of waking up...
Is to hear over and over again
The same "I love you"
You hear every day!!