Make a wish before saying goodbye

We cry together and our feelings merge more every day that passes.The only thing we want is that this euphoric feeling never ends.And we think about every thing that makes us really happy.Your deep eyes fascinate me and beyond them I can see the happiness you gave me,and the beautiful moments we shared in the past few months. I could never let you go,now you're a part of me,with you I discovered the good parts I have,with you I smile even when I cry.Every night I fall asleep with you in my mind..It's strange..sometimes I want you all the time,and when you're not with me..I close my eyes to feel your presence...
With you I'll die,for you I'll die,for you I could do everything.Now it's us,not just you and me.
Sometimes I can't find my words but you know exactly what to say,when I'm weak you give me strength,with you I'm always safe..I'd like you to love me like you never loved someone else before because I know I'd be the happiest person in the entire world.No matter what I know that you're the one for me.

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