Ich nicht verstehe dich,du bist blod!

She used to be nobody,just a human being who was breathing for no reason.No family,no friends,no boyfriend...she was alone in this huge world..never nobody understood her..She used to hate herself for being born..she still is sometimes...
When she cries is for nothing..she's too weak to admit that she's not alone anymore...she cannot deny that she's done good things too,but she always sees the dark side in everything.She is kinda weird and lovable in the same time.You just have to figure out the right face.
She can be sweet,she can be a bitch,she can be invisible and so on..but she can never change,she can never apologize,she can never have an opinion about herself or others...she's ruled by her mind and she can't get away.She is becoming insane day by day..and one day..will be the end."I don't understand you,you are stupid!"

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