You flirt with suicide but sometimes kills the pain

And when you think that death is like a cure for you then I suggest you're a litlle bit insane.No,actually you are crazy...But when someone close to you says that your death will make him sad you feel empty and you regret what you already said.You feel guilty,and you are scared that someone really thinks about you and feels your presence,in fact you are afraid that one person[him] touched your heart and you're afraid to be disappointed again,but trust me this time is different.You feel him everywhere,he's present in your dreams,he makes you smile every time you watch him,he makes you happy and you're afraid to fall in love.Darling,this is the way it's supposed to be.Your heart is cured and nothing stopes you to feel goosebumps every time you hear his name or every time he kisses you.You miss him even when he's in your arms,you want him even when he kisses you.You're not wrong.He seems to be the one.

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